Monday, April 18, 2011

Hatch Chiles

I'm lucky enough to live in a town where we have both Central Market and the Mother Ship of Whole Foods. It's a miracle I don't weight about 400 pounds. 

Central Market has an annual Hatch Chile Roasting Week (lots of special foods and festivities) in the late summer but other times during the year they will get a bunch in and set up roasters in the front of the store.  The smell of the roasting chiles will magically make Bacon-Cheddar-HatchChile Scones jump into your grocery cart.

Sorry I can't offer you a Scratch-n-Sniff option on my blog. These videos will have to do.  I took them with my iPhone because I have now learned how to make a movie versus a photo.  (I'm still pretty pathetic on Angry Birds but beginning to really like Osmos.) I also know not to be talking on my iPhone while I'm in the bathroom.  I learned that from my sister-in-law who tattled on her husband -- he had to buy himself a new cellphone because he dropped it in the ...

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magpie said...

oh the aroma. i can close my eyes and recreate it based on santa fe sense memory....ahhhhh