Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Cares?

Someone is getting married in England soon. Who cares? Not me. But, for the record, we saw this beautiful little painting at The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC just recently. Edward VI, by Hans Holbein. 

If you don't get enough of England on your telly (See? I can speak English.), watch The King's Speech. The best way to tell if the movie is good is if you get so engrossed in it you forget to go make your popcorn at half-time. We gave it a Netflix 5-star rating.

Just to make sure you know this blog is all about me*, here's a picture of PodMan, who recently went to live with my friend Becky.

Susan speaks: So what else is new?


Lost Aussie said...

I thought the King's Speech rated a high 5 too.
And regardless of whether you are an Anglophile or not, it's nice to see something positive on the news for a change. Hope for the future and all that.

Diane O. said...

You're both wrong it was a 6 on a 5 star scale. What a great movie! I loved it.