Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Acrylic Paint Is Not Exactly My Friend

I'm learning that when a ceramic piece I have made decides not to speak to me then it is time to throw it in the trash. But because we have a big woodsy backyard with windows overlooking it Susan urges me to put the pieces out in the yard. The squirrels and birds jump around them and sometimes the pieces get broken but it doesn't matter because I was going to toss them out anyway.   

One of my semi-repressed urges is to PAINT. I like to put color down and fuss at the details. Sometimes. This is not a quality that works well with my preference for ceramics. So these bisque-fired but unglazed ceramic pieces that were slated for the backyard got painted with acrylic paints. The paint might wear off easily, maybe not, but it won't matter anyway because these pieces were one toss away from the trashcan.

Here is what I know now: The acrylic paint on these ceramic pieces looks .... plastic. Acrylic. Not right. But good enought for the squirrels and birds.

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