Friday, May 13, 2011

JoAnne Russo, Akiko Sugiyama, Jody Williams and Teresa Maria Widuch

Susan speaks:
Enough with the mud and clay. On to some stuff that caught my eye.

JoAnne Russo's work was beautiful and so carefully and neatly crafted it was amazing. She explained how she dyes her bead buttons to get the colors she wants, decides on a design and then on an armature. From there she does all that inticate knotting and wrapping, adding the beads as she goes. I loved the hook and eyes she used.

Akiko Sugiyama is an artist we've seen before but I'm a real paper and fiber fan so it was good to see her again. She used rice paper, banana paper and some other kinds I can't remember. Her forms are so well-made that you know if you hung them on a wall they would move if there was a breeze. Yet they held up to being poked and prodded for the show. For more on her work ... no website, you're on your own here. But trust me, the pieces are fantastic.

Jody Williams makes art in a world I don't live in -- she talks about measurements in 1/64" increments. If a ruler has more than 1/8" increments I don't use it. Check out her website, her books are tiny, some barely 2" square. She prints them herself from her woodcuts and engravings and they are all beautifully made.

Teresa Maria Widuch makes unique garments from wool and ultrasuede. Her colors are stunning and the sculptural pieces are beautifully made; each piece is one of a kind.

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