Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dancing As Fast As I Can

These pieces all need to have a glaze picked out, then the glaze applied and then they need to be fired. The stack on the right contains test tiles. I hate test tiles. I also hate it when my glaze choice doesn't even look like it was in the same planet than what I planned. Or even in the same universe. I hate it when Susan tells me a glaze looks really cool and then I can't ever duplicate it again because I was just winging it. Hence, test tiles.

I've done test tiles before, carefully and methodically. And never was able to recreate the test tile glaze again, regardless of what I wrote down. Maybe the Kiln Goddess doesn't like me.

Nahhh. No way. Which reminds me, my high school reunion is this fall  -- don't ask me which one. Susan has absolutely no interest in going with me because 1) she didn't got to my high school and 2) she went to 3 different high schools in 4 years and thinks reunions are dumb. She's made me promise to be on my best behavior. Best Behavior means that when a woman comes up to me and starts chatting about our high school days I do not say to her "Did we date?"

All the raku pieces have to wait until our burn ban is lifted which will be after it rains a lot which, based on the way our summer weather is going, might not be in my lifetime.

(small symbol in center of bottom bar will let you eliminate any screen notations)


Seth said...

Based on all the work you have created so far, I would say that the Kiln Goddess likes you very much.

ArtPropelled said...

I was thinking the same as Seth. Enjoy your reunion and let us know ALL about it. I'm with Susan....Hate reunions! BTW we all enjoyed cat in the Warning post. I'm still giggling.

martha brown said...

These look cool unglazed :)
I think "did we date?" is a valid question.... although I've never been to a reunion. I didn't like high school much...
See you in less than 2 weeks :)