Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

I grew up with two brothers but was lucky enough to marry a woman who had a brother and a sister. That meant I acquired a sister-in-law, Gigi. She's really smart and has all sorts of degrees to confirm that and best of all, she thinks everything I make is terrific.

Gigi works in a cubicle and we all know that those cubicle workers seem to find the best sorts of funny stuff to mail around - on their break, of course. Here are some items she passed along to us. If you want to see more in the series just google the title.

What Artists Do If Given Wire and Household Objects
(and too much time on their hands)

Susan speaks: Her real name is Linda Jean but at age 3 when she came along I wasn't up to saying all that. "Gigi" was what I could say and that became her family name. Only family calls her that and it still seems odd when other people, including her husband!, call her Linda. The picture above was from 1960, Disneyland. The first picture below is from Arlington, Virginia, and includes my brother and Mom. Dad was always the photographer and Gigi has inherited his photographic eye.  The bottom picture is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, back in the dark ages when I had no grey hair. I have no idea what we were doing dressed alike but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Lost Aussie said...

Love the funny photos and I hope Gigi has a lovely day!