Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flip-Flops for Earl

While we were at ArtUnraveled I had a free day. That meant I ran errands like food shopping, liquor shopping, and miscellaneous supply shopping.  Wal-Mart was selling plain white flip-flops for $1.95 and I couldn't say No. Actually, I have a hard time saying No to anything on sale.  Susan has warned me many, many times "If it's on sale there is a reason and it isn't always good.", along with telling me that the inability to say No would have, if I'd been a woman, made me pregnant many times.

Once I got them back to the room I realized we had a carton full of various art supplies that were required  for the classes but probably wouldn't get used unless I took control. So I took control. Ta-Dah!

When Susan got back from her classes she admired them but pointed out that they reminded her of a Dumb Blonde Joke: Why do blondes have shoes with TGIF printed on the toe? To remind them Toes Go In First. (If you are a blonde don't be offended, it could easily be a Snooki Joke. If you are Snooki, take your TV money and go away.)

We decide the perfect person for the flip-flops was EGE, better know as Earl, The Guy With The Camera. RicĂ« makes sure Earl is decked out attractively enough that you don't miss him in a crowd. As if. Go here if you aren't sure what I'm talking about. And as a matter of fact, you can see me in a picture in her blogpost if you scroll down. I'm the one trying to look intellectual.

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