Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes, She Does

Yes, Susan does make art. That is, when she isn't wasting her time trying to keep me in line.

Go here for Mary Beth Shaw, her immensely talented and geneous teacher. More from me coming soon because Susan liked Mary Beth so much she talked me into taking a painting class from Mary Beth. Me - a painter! Well, sort of.  If you go to Mary Beth's ArtUnraveled video on her blog you can see me at about 1:21 into the video. Susan is at about :25 and (another class) at about 1:14, the talented Marcy is at :39 and Carol is at 1:08. There are many more artistic people in my posse but that's all I can identify and remember now.


Diane O. said...

I concur, I've seen her stuff at A&S and it is great!

ArtPropelled said...

It's time for Susan to leave you to your own devices Don and get on with making art since she clearly knows whats she's doing in that department.

MB Shaw said...

Great post. You and Susan are delightful people and fun students to have in class. And now I know what to do if you get too quiet :)