Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Penguins, Good!

This is what well-behaved Penguins/Pod People look like.

Blog posts have been few and far between lately. No, my Blog Wrangler hasn't left me. With my encouragement and urging she has taken a break from spending way too much time at the computer, which meant she quit doing any photography tweaking and posting and quit typing in my answers to my emails and comments and even (shame!) quit reading other people's blogs!

But she's baaaaack! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In the meantime, our latest Netflix movies (yes, we'll stick with them, we love it when red envelopes show up in our mailbox because our internet connection is too flakey for instant viewing) have been:

Inside Job - explains a lot of the anger shown in the Wall Street protests. Portrays perfectly the bumper sticker sentiment "If you aren't completely appalled then you haven't been paying attention."

Bill Cunningham, New York - Love this guy. Susan and I try to take "theme" pictures all the time in New York City but it is very hard to do. He makes it look easy.

Flawless - Interesting mystery and I didn't guess the ending. Susan kept telling me to watch for expressive wrinkles on Demi Moore's face - couldn't find any. I said she was supposed to be acting "detached", Susan said Botox. What do you think?

The Bank Job - Great movie, reminded me of "A Simple Plan".

Cedar Rapids - Movie was interesting and held my attention all through but the story was a little sappy. Worth watching again if only for the priceless 30-second scene of John C. Reilly wearing a trash can lid in the swimming pool - pure creative genius.


ArtPropelled said...

Yay, she's back .... and you're back and yes I think Demi and Botox sound exactly right. Love the penguins (Wonderful grainy glaze and colours).... and I do prefer them apart rather than hanging on each other.

Lost Aussie said...

I like these penguins. It's Ricks birthday soon and I don't have a new DM sculpture for him this year! shame