Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dug Up and Consumer Complaint of the Day

I like these little pots (about 4" high) because they look like they were dug up from an ancient pit. Contrary to what usually happens with my glazing, this was exactly what I hope to accomplish. Sometimes the Kiln Goddess smiles on me.

I tried to sell them at the Student Art Sale but no one was interested in stuff that looked "old".  Including me, I'm sure. One of the nice things about growing old is how invisible you become to most people, which means I don't have to shave everyday.

But growing old does turn you into a Cranky Consumer. Younger people seem to be oblivious to (or have never experienced) the notion of "Customer Service", as in "I want to help you efficiently so you'll appreciate my company/product".

From my Consumer Complaint Department, Consumer Complaint #1
(#1 for now, but there are still more hours left in the day for challengers):

You receive your new credit card to replace the expired one.
You call the number on the card to activate the card.
"Thank you for calling to activate your new card. Please hold while we process your activation."
Then you are forced to listen to 2 minutes (yes, t-w-o) of a disgustingly cheery spiel about some other crud they want to sell you before they finally say "Your card is now activated." Click.
You and I both know they could have activated that card immediately, because that's the way it used to be. Back when I was younger. And less cranky.


Lost Aussie said...

Well I like the little pots. And yes, the card WAS activated the second your phone rang through - I wonder if they know that we know that?

MB Shaw said...

I like the little pots too!! We have a group here that has a student sale each year and I love attending - I always buy lots of cool stuff. I like that star piece down below too :) and nice slide show over at the side.
Happy New Year!!

liz said...

I feel cranky too! but I really like your works

ArtPropelled said...

I'm always cranky at this time of year. Loving your old pots!