Monday, January 23, 2012


I didn't know what they were. Did you? Answer at the end of this post.

All this is just Stuff. Stuff I have to have, stuff I've bought from people who probably fished it out of their Grandma's trash can. Stuff I have no idea what to do with but have to have just in case ...

So what is 30-30? It's something to do with Stuff. Grit your teeth and consider this:
You have too much stuff. Too many clothes. 
Too many books (Ackkk!!!).
Too many dishes and kitchen things.
 Too many pencils and pens and old towels and just stuff.

So gather up 30 bags, preferably the small sort you get at the grocery store for vegetables, or those T-shirt bags that everyone hates but they are handy.  Mark them with 30 numbers, beginning with your start date number - for example, if you start today, the first bag is #23, the second #24 and so on, following #31 with #1 as you head into February. You need to have 30 bags for the next 30 days.

Put the bags in a prominent place where you can't ignore them. Each day you pick up the appropriately numbered bag and fill it up with Stuff to either give away, donate, or throw away. For example, on our first day we went through all our miscellaneous junk drawers and put in all the old pens and pencils and highlighters that didn't work. Did we really need 11 pencils in the kitchen drawer?  No, and they didn't fill the sack totally up but that's not the idea. What did happen is that we deliberately took care of eliminating some Stuff. The theory behind the small sack size is that it doesn't seem like such a monumental job to do when it's just one small sack, every day, for 30 days.. If you get to gathering up old clothes to donate you'll probably need a bigger sack but that's OK, it's the action that counts.

Today Susan is filling up the sack with cookbooks she really doesn't use anymore. She's thumbing through them to see if there was one stunning recipe she remembered and she'll make a copy of that. Then the sack goes off to Goodwill.

So is any of the Stuff shown on this post going to go into a 30-30 sack? NOT A CHANCE! These are treasures. Shown above is a very special treasure that was gifted to me by a talented, interesting friend, who now has me thinking about my favorite five (later).

Top picture? Old hair curler rods.


Seth said...

Great idea. But I was a bit relieved to hear that the treasures in this post were staying home!

martha brown said...

Thanks Don :) And Susan :) I love your treasure stuff! I knew those were curlers. My mom was an antique dealer. I know (and hoard) lots of cool, weird stuff!
I'm going to try this! I'm going to do it in February though... when my report cards are finished. Maybe I'll call it 29 in 29, if that's okay? ooh, boy, that's a big commitment for me though. Not sure if I can handle it. Keep us posted about how you are doing!!

ArtPropelled said...

Old hair curler rods ..... Well I'll be! They are most covetable! The 30 packet idea is good. I have 4 packets of books already and a galumphing Orbitrek that's taking up half a room, and I'm ready to fill another 30 packets.

ej brown said...

You guys are such an inspiration.....I've got several bags here I'm taking to the Goodwill you know I have the stuff.....but I was ready to hop in the car and drive down there if you were letting go of some of these metal treasures!!
Loved the antique curling rods.....hadn't seen those.....way cool!!
Cook books ......Susan I already beat you to that collection....don't forget the Reads Recycling down on Burnet Road......great place to recycle and to pick up other books, heehee!
Miss you guys!
Hope to see you soon!!

Judie P said...

Love the 30-30. Now to see if I can get my better half to go along with it - pack rat that one!