Monday, February 27, 2012

More Maps

I make maps while I listen to my audio books. Right now I'm getting ready to start The Night Circus. But in the meantime we've been catching up on our Netflix.  Here are some 5-star recommendations:
Margin Call
Ides of March (very eerie at this point in our election cycle)

More recommendations:
At Close Range (if you are a photographer you'll love this one)

The Tunnel
(we thought this would be too long but it totally held our attention)


ArtPropelled said...

I like these maps even more than the last ones.

martha brown said...

Love the maps a lot, Don!
night Circus was great. I haven't seen these films, I'm so behind.....
Hi to Susan!

Robert said...

Absolutely love your "dudes". I was introduced to them, yesterday on Seth Apter's blog. Your maps are wonderful, as well! Very excited to see your contributions to Seth's book. Best wishes from another art "dude"!

Nicky Linzey said...

I love these maps.