Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here's what is sometimes startling: I make a piece of art that I think comes straight from my head. Well, maybe not straight, maybe down a crooked path, a winding road, or a warped arc! But I think is definitely something I have created on my own.

By now you know we love to travel to visit art museums and soak up all kinds of art and be surprised by liking shows we thought would be blah. Whenever possible, which usually means while looking at pieces in a museum's permanent collection, we like to take pictures of pieces that catch our attention. The pictures aren't that great since you usually can't use flash in a museum. When we get home Susan uploads them to the computer in a separate folder and we look at them and reminisce and then they just gradually get forgotten.

Forgotten by me, that is. But Susan has a mind like a steel trap. This Warrior piece (about 15" high) was made about a year ago and never glazed so I finally I got the ultimatum from her to doing something about it or she'd start painting on it  When I finished it I really liked it and she did too but kept saying that it reminded her of something we'd seen.

Ta-da! Yes, I did create Warrior all on my own. But somewhere in the back of my mind I might have been encouraged to go down the road I did by the dim memory, nearly three years back, of this plaster, paint and metal piece by David Bates, seen at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  It's hidden at the back, sort of like an outcast relative, near the secret staircase we always use.

Male Head IV, David Bates

(detail), David Bates

Just goes to prove that there is nothing really new in the art world, just our newer eyes and minds. Somewhere, ancient cave painters are looking down at today's art world and saying "I already did that!"


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

I love it when art inspires art . . . I was really drawn to this piece.

Rebeca Trevino said...

very kool.
i can see the 'family' resemblance.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Don your words are so true! Oh sheesh I don't even try to count the moments that I have had fits thinking that I'd copied something and didn't realize it. I really like how mindful you are. You connected the dots to tell an amazing and interesting story that resonates with all artists and creative types. Good on you! This is so excellent and wouldn't it be fun to put together a compendium of similar stories? (That is if anybody else is as mindful as you are)! I bet there are more stories out there. In any event, excellent post! *smiles* Norma
p.s. I like your art way better I just wanted to add.

Lost Aussie said...

I love him! He should be in my collection!!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

They are both heads, but other than that I would say than your's is quite unique. Of course we get influenced and inspired by anything and everything around us, it's impossible not to. Your head would look great at my house..