Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Closer To Perfection

Not really perfect but closer to achieving the look I like -- weathered, mysterious, textured, ancient. This little guy is just about 6" high and is carefully packed away for our move.  The move?  Not yet but we are still packing stuff into boxes.  Where on earth did we acquire so danged much stuff?

Blog posts will be slim for a while but hang in there - we took 10 days off to go to New York City and Washington DC and do have some pictures and stories.   $14 for one little sandwich? Get real.

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layers said...

I will be leaving soon for NYC for my son's graduation from Columbia University..with his MFA. I will probably pay $14 for a sandwich.
I saw Seth Apter this past weekend as he came to Seattle for a book signing.
your piece is very wabi sabi.