Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Long Boats and A Long Way To Go

My Blog Wrangler is back! Sort of. Lately she's been wrangling apartment renovations (still ongoing but she's still on good terms with the contractor) and glaring at boxes that are in her way.  We still have about 50 zillion boxes in storage but her goal is to do one a day and be finished by Christmas.  I keep gently nudging her toward the 6 cartons marked "Dishes/Kitchen" but she's ignoring me so we continue using the Summer China (better known as paper plates) and eating a lot of take-out food.

Before all my art was packed up into boxes I took pictures of one of my latest efforts - boats. The one on the left has the weathered look I really like.
The original idea was to hang them on the wall somehow and thats the reason for the little hole in the bottom. But after fiddling around with them I couldn't actually figure out how I wanted to do it. All of the sudden I thought of fastening two together to make a pod. Susan suggested I might figure out a way to have them hinged so I could open the pod and put something in it. Somewhere in our pictures of our trip to New York City and Washington DC, which happened in the middle of our move, we have a picture of something similar. Once we find the camera again and upload the pictures I'll show you.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog.  Things are gradually getting back to normal, we are delighted with our apartment, have great neighbors and eventually I will have a studio set up and will begin cranking out whatever strikes my fancy. Where is the fancy, anyway?


Lisa H said...

This is SO weird. I've had the Cat Stevens song: Longer Boats in my head for the last 3 days. Partly to blame is the satellite radio station that I listen to in my car. They can't get enough 1970's Cat. I can't either. YOUR boats are reason to celebrate. I just LOVE the textures and colors. Best of luck with the "one box per day" thing. I tried that here like 12 years ago *wink*

ok keller said...

I absolutely adore the boats. They are so timeless and their space is perfectly filled- a delicate, abalone shell of a boat.

Thank you!!!

martha brown said...

I've always wondered where my fancy is :)
The boats are wonderful -- the texture is fabulous, Don!
I moved into my house over 4 years ago and I still have unpacked boxes....
Hi to the blog wrangler! Can't wait to see you in a few months :)