Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Texan in New York City, Part 2

We don't slow down. Tomas Saraceno's On the Roof: Cloud City at The Metropolitan gave us a chance to show both of us, for a change, in a photo.

I'm going to start saying I have a "studiolo" now that I've seen the Gubbio Studiolo. This tiny room with all its wood-inlay is worth searching for if you are at The Met.

Andy Warhol isn't necessarily one of our favorites but he sure inspired a lot of other artists, whether they admit it or not.

Another surprise discovery was the very small Japanese Rinpa art exhibit.

And finally, lunch. Pricey, but worth it when it means sitting down for a while.

Then there was the exhibit of Chinese scrolls, the Chinese garden, the photography, the library on the first floor, the Temple of Dendur, the Faberge eggs ....
Why would anyone wonder how we can spend all day at a museum?


ArtPropelled said...

I'm not sure which interests me the most .... What you saw or what you ate. Whenever you post images of your lunch at the Met my mouth waters.( I did enlarge the image:-)

Amazing sculpture, On the Roof!

layers said...

Well, I have taken a look at both your posts on your NYC visit.. and I have to say that I am JEALOUS.. I love NYC and the museums and I know how one can get caught up and spend hours looking.. but to see exciting exhibits by creative artists.. totally worth it. looks like you had a great trip

Seth said...

The trip keeps getting better and better. I never did make it the the roof...glad you guys had a chance to.