Monday, October 8, 2012

A Texan in New York City, Finale

This is sort of jumping around but we did see this weird thing in Columbus Circle. Sometimes art is all about "Made you look!" and other times it is something that totally changes your perception of your environment. Seeing The Gates in Central Park a few years back changed how we see Central Park when we walk through it.  Now we'll  always look at the Columbus statue here at the Circle, something we actually never noticed before. 
Yes, that's a little room they made around the statue.  Susan hates heights but she gamely went up with me anyway.

When we take a trip people often ask us what we are going to do and our answer usually is "Museums!" The next question is often "Which one?" Not just one, but as many as we can. Susan has a grid she prints out and goes to museum websites to fill it in about 2 weeks before we go. It isn't a firm schedule but it keeps us focused on what is out there. When you are walking all day in an unfamiliar city it's easy to have a brain fart and forget something you meant to see. 

The really cool part about the list is looking at it on the way home and talking about the stuff we didn't plan on seeing but wandered into anyway and found to be really interesting, like the Quay exhibit at the MOMA or this Discovering Columbus deal. Every morning, no matter where we are, Susan makes me find her the local newspaper and that's how she learned about Columbus and how to get tickets to get in.

Where do we stay in New York City? Most often our choice is Hilton Garden Inn on 8th Avenue near Times Square.  The staff is great, especially Charles "Steel Drum".

On the plane ride home I did my final Zentangle.

This art is going to have to hold you for awhile. Susan has been fighting computer battles for several weeks now, including a major crash last week and the expensive hiring of a guru to give it CPR. It is limping along but driving her nuts because she can't upload anything to it because of something in drivers and USB, which is not like driving a bus, and stuff I know absolutely nothing about. Sometimes it just sits there doing nothing while she types and mouses and then she looks up at the screen and says really bad things to it.  Probably it hears her and deliberately acts up. A new computer will be ordered soon and then she will spend hours on end screaming at it while she tries to make it do stuff (good stuff, not bad) like this old one does. Then, finally, peace will be restored to my life.

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