Sunday, March 24, 2013

Give Away Or Never Let Go

When we moved  (and did major downsizing) I had to give up (and throw away) a LOT of stuff. Rusty, cruddy, gnarled stuff I'd collected for years. I did manage to set aside 3 small boxes worth of selected pieces. 

Never look back on what you left behind,
only look forward to what you can start collecting all over again.
Susan just grits her teeth when I say that but she's the one that taught me that men don't go to estate sales and garage sales and antique fairs to go "shopping" -- they are going "hunting".  She hates to drive my car so that's a good place for me to hide stuff I capture.

For a long time I made a lot of ceramic boxes, mostly with open tops and bottoms.  The goal (somehow there is always a goal there but maybe that's just an easy way to say "I don't have a real plan") was to stack them up in a window on their sides so they would look like ruins of a city but you would still be able to look through them. 

This give-away is still there after 30 days.



martha brown said...

Wow, what great "trophies". I never find anything so cool.... I'm picturing you out like Elmer Fudd... shhhhh hunting the wascally wabbits....

ArtPropelled said...

Great finds, Don!Perhaps the give-away piece is too big for someone to slink away with it... trying not to be noticed.

Sleeping Village Pottery said...

I love the idea of leaving those "give-aways" out in public spaces. I've made things and left them out in the woods for people to discover... in the crags of a bluff along a trail, or just out in the middle of nowhere. At first glance, the piece that you put on the gas meter almost looks like a part of the meter. Maybe that's why nobody has moved or taken it. I thoroughly enjoy you blog and visit it often.