Monday, April 29, 2013

Give-Away and Sell Away

We recently had our Student Art Sale and I had to move things out of the apartment so I sold some of my stuff. When we lived in our house I had the luxury of a two-car garage to use as my studio, with the cars banished to the driveway. There was also the back yard, front yard and side yards to use for display of those pieces that didn't find a home inside. Now I just have to do Give-Away or use the Student Art Sale where prices have to be very, very low.

This wood sculpture went to a good home.  It doesn't show in the picture but I took some gold paint and brushed it on a few of the edges, just enough to catch your eye.

This poor boat suffered from a lousy glazing and firing, result in a pale pukey green -- all my fault.  I was just going to throw it away but Susan insisted we could maybe salvage it.  It took Adirondack Alcohol inks, Daler Rowney inks, and some acrylic paint but I think it came out pretty good, especially on the back. 

Austin Community College is spread out in a building that used to be a high school.  It's pretty beat up but it does the job.  The latest Sweater Child Give-away is by our loading dock and she's been there for about 2 weeks now.


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