Thursday, May 23, 2013

Transparent or Translucent?

Close-ups of Peter Bynum's Untitled No. 202 at the Museum of Arts and Design. Check out his website, great images there.

How about Xenobia Bailey's Funky-Fly Urban Bohemian Crochet Crowns for Everyday People?

Obviously I'm not making much art myself lately. Or is it that I'm not photographing what I'm doing? Probably both.  We are catching up on our Netflix: "Safety Not Guaranteed" started out silly and ended with magic, earning a 5-star rating from us, and "Queen of Versailles" was a fascinating train wreck -- we replayed the car rental scene about 10 times, laughing every time.

Late edit here: No, we don't think New Yorkers are rude, we just know that a lot of people who have never even been to New York City think that. In our experience, as a tourist the worst thing you can do is open up a map on the subway or bus. Within 2 minutes you will have 5 NY-ers volunteering their 5 different "best" ways to get you where you want to go.

Here's Georgia checking over our schedule with us. She was sitting across from us at the MOMA lunchroom, quietly eating her lunch while we debated what to see next. Ever so politely she made a suggestion and that led to us having a long conversation with her about the American Alliance of Museums and museum shows we shouldn't miss and why she liked living in New York City. We make more friends in New York City than we do in Austin!


Anonymous said...

Its funny, I've had NYers throw the "f" word out and its felt endearing. and I've had southerners not hold open a door and its felt like the rudest thing that ever happened. I had a NY friend move to Austin because NY girls weren't friendly. As an expat NYer now living in the south, Im glad to hear they treat you right when you are up north. and you are SO right! Dont ever let on that you are lost! LOL

Marleyne Mauri said...

I just finished reading THE PULSE OF MIXED MEDIA and your opening sentence"I am running out of time" strucked me like a bullet: l;ike you, I kept my artist self on a shelf for too long time and now, at tretirement, it is reemerging...a bit shaky on its legs...but it's there. I was in Galveston and I particularly liked your sculptures of the kids tied to the nun..that could not save their lives. Very touching.

Thanks Don.

Anonymous said...

aha. at last I get to see my competition!