Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coffee Soup?

get it.
I don't even remembering it being like this in Paris, France, where I have had coffee in a cafe.

Let's talk about food for a change. Food is a topic close to my heart and the clear proof of closeness is quite visible above my belt buckle, regardless of how hard my Spinning workout class is. 

Shown above is how I was served a cup of coffee at Le Pain Quotidien cafe in New York City this spring. What?? Where is the handle? Why am I getting coffee in a soup bowl??? The waiter was very snooty about my request for a regular coffee cup ("Sorry, no, never.") until he very astutely figured out we were tourists and asked (snootily) where we were from.  Somehow mentioning Austin, Texas, breaks down that Snoot barrier and, of course, he knew someone there and knew people who were planning to move to Austin and so on.  (Please don't! We have enough traffic problems and we are running out of water!)  But I still couldn't convince him to find me a coffee cup.

Usually I drink my coffee black but when I share with Susan it gets creamed up.  Lunch was interesting - I expected my sandwich to show up on a plate but when the coffee came in a bowl ....

Susan really liked her chicken curry sandwich with the cranberry chutney and told me to stop fussing about the coffee because the best dessert in the world is the Belgian Brownie from Le Pain Quotidien. She tries to stay vegetarian but sometimes she backslides and this time it was worth it because she'll figure out a way to use cranberry chutney on something vegetarian.

All this goes to show you that you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy.

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