Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Art

I went to ArtUnraveled. I took classes and not a one of them had anything to do with clay. I had a great time. I got out of my comfort zone and did different things. It was comforting to be (sometimes) the only guy in a class. When you are the only guy in the class you seldom lack for positive reinforcement from your classmates.

One of my favorite instructors is Mary Beth Shaw.  I made these two paintings in one of her classes. I'm probably going to do something different with the doodads that stick out - the photo makes them look more dominant than they really are - but they aren't speaking to me anymore. (obviously they spoke to me in class).

Susan also makes art. She relishes the challenge of taking the paints that no one else uses/wants and works with them. When the instructor says "Come up and get some paint I've brought" she just sits back until the feeding frenzy is over. She did this piece in a different class with Mary Beth. It's on plain copier paper but since it's acrylic paint it stiffens the paper.

Susan speaks: If you notice odd happenings on this blog .... There is no reason why Blogger will sometimes delete the Profile photo or refuse to resize images or put random multipe blank lines in the middle of text or just plain misbehave.  Oh yeah, there is a reason: Because they can.

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Seth said...

So good to see you at AU. Love the pieces you both did in Mary Beth's workshop.