Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Odd Ends

How To Look At Art Like An Artist is the title of this sketch posted on an art instructor's door.

This was on another instructor's door.

Here's my Sunday morning breakfast at the Whole Foods Mothership, consumed after a hard bike ride.  "Mothership" is how you refer to the Whole Foods headquarters/store here in Austin. Trivia: Yes, we shopped at Whole Foods when it was just a dinky hole-in-the-wall store, before it became big and famous.

I love their gumbo in the winter and Susan is addicted to their Nonna cookies. People like to refer to it as Whole Paycheck but if you shop carefully, pay attention to what you are buying (like no Nonna cookies!), and skip the prepared take-out, the cost is not that different from any ordinary grocery store.

Little Dudes work in progress:


Lost Aussie said...

Great to see you making New Dudes. Our little one spends his days looking over the Lake now.

Lost Aussie said...

PS, when are you coming to visit us in North Carolina?