Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On The Road Again

We've been in Phoenix for 8 days of classes at ArtUnraveled. We drove 18+ hours over 2 days to get there. Doesn't everyone go to Phoenix in August? We do. Is it hot there? Yes, but so what? We are inside all the time going to classes and the hotel room rates are very low in August.

We love the drive through west Texas and New Mexico/Arizona. The terrain slowly changes from central Texas Hill Country to flat desert filled with saguro cactus - cacti? - and we never fail to wonder how in the hell anyone in a covered wagon or on horseback ever made it to California.

The drive for about 8 hours in west Texas is on a highway where the legal speed limit is 80 mph. It's very isolated and rest stops are about 90-100 miles apart. Susan hates them because they are open air; it's not the lack of air-conditioning but the flies that aggravate her. This, however, doesn't seem to bother her.

We took 3 cartons of art supplies, used up lots of them, but somehow wound up coming back with 4.  We are still unpacking. More to come.

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