Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seth Apter

"Look, Don, see how easy it can be. I promise."

So said Seth Apter at ArtUnraveled. Seth and I are quite sure we are identical twins, separated at birth. People who know me think they know me and if they know me they know that I'm pretty much a loner. Seth knows how to get into me. He can even make me talk to him. We have similar souls and karma, except that he is a really talented artist and I just pretend. 

"Don't worry, Don, I'll show you how to use all these supplies."


"Relax, Don, it will all develop nicely."


These are really small pieces, 6x6" and 4x4". And no clay involved!  Go here to see more of the classes Seth offered.  Not only did Seth encourage me to paint with wild colors, he put me on a panel with other real artists. I tried to hold my own by keeping my personal mantra in mind:
The myth is greater than the reality.


Lost Aussie said...

Nicely done! You just have to have courage and faith in yourself!

martha brown said...

You are REALLY talented! I always look at anything you do and say. WOW. How does he do all that? Multi talented. Awesome :)

layers said...

No matter what the medium.. even clay.. makes you an ARTIST.
I have met Seth too though not in a workshop. When he came to Washington for his book tour he slept in my library and included me in his book reading event. He is a good artist too.

Seth said...

Hey brother! What a great post, showing what a talented artist (and funny guy) you are. Looking forward to the next family reunion!!