Sunday, September 22, 2013


Susan speaks:      Not.  My.  Fault!
There is a limit to what a Blog Wrangler can do when the Person Of Interest refuses to come up with anything to say on his blog. And clings so possessively to his iPhone that photos he's taken can't be commandered by the Wrangler.
Above is part of his workspace. Birds, Dudes, faces, scarabs, etc, etc, etc. Oh yeah, he's farting in the colander again. Oh yeah, that link shows my angst.
He's also back in school. He likes to pretend he does a lot of work there but class begins with coffee and snacks at Russell's, followed by a lot of "visiting with my fellow students", followed by " we were just experimenting with a new technique", followed by "I needed to see what they were doing", followed by "just a little break for something to eat" and so on. 
I'm not really complaining, after all, I refer to his going to school as "Adult Day Care". 


layers said...

Too funny... you could be a humor writer... using Don for inspiration.
I enjoyed reading here very much.

martha brown said...

Hi Ms. Blog Wrangler! I hope that you enjoy your alone time while Don is in day care :)
I miss you both!