Friday, November 15, 2013

The Zen of the Painting Groove

I've been glazing some of my Potato Head people with underglazes lately. This means that the color I put down is essentially the color you see in the end. As you can see, I've carefully labeled my bottles of glaze on the tops so I can easily pull them out of the drawer amd spread them out all over my table.
After I've been quietly doing this glaze painting for a day or so Susan will come into the room and say, "You've been too quiet lately. Don't tell me you've gotten into the Zen of your painting groove again!"
Well, yes. Sometimes I need to get back to painting on canvas or working on my maps or something less physical than slapping clay around because clay is clay, not a canvas. So Susan will push and shove and shame me into putting my artistic whims into the appropriate medium. As punishment for her, I take over her studio space (the dining room), which works out OK this week because she's sewing (in the bedroom).

The blue tape is painters' tape.

This is just the first phase, I'll get into my painting groove and they'll get more paint applied to them. These guys are real small but I'll soon be moving up to larger sizes.


Nan G said...

Terrific graphic designs on the small tiles/canvases. Look forward to seeing the completed Potato Head folk.

ArtPropelled said...

Intriguing! Are the small paintings on wood, canvas or clay?