Monday, November 25, 2013

Smokey Joe and the Boys

More Potato Heads. Remember, these guys are just about 2-3 inches high.

When I take a walk in my neighborhood I visit with Smokey Joe. He's a sucker for attention and I like having a 5-minute chance to have a pet, without having to pay vet bills or buy food or clean a cat pan!  You can thank Zappos for my new lime green shoes. Do these photos count as my first Selfies?



Diane O. said...

A man that likes cats, it's a good thing as Martha would say. I'm not sure if a pic of your shoe/hand is a selfie but it's close.

Happy Thanksgiving

Nan G said...

A first selfie, sure why not. ;) Smokey Joe sure likes his five minutes. Aaacckkkk! Love the boys! The spiky hair the legs the glazed faces! So cool !

martha brown said...

Totally missed this post -- ummm, I agree with Diane -- I'm not sure if a hand or foot shot is a selfie :P