Sunday, December 29, 2013

Peep, Peep, Peep

These little birds were made with a different type of clay and have a different type of surface design and a different type of glaze on them.

Susan really liked them. So naturally I sold them at the Student Art Sale. I may not be getting lucky for another decade.

Or at least until I make some more for her.

We had a quiet Christmas and contributed to Amazon's profit for the year. How could you ever go wrong with books? The latest Netflix have been The Way Way Back - an A for the movie but an A+ for Toni Collette's acting, and Looper - an A+ for an incredibly imaginative movie that still has us confused.


Nan G said...

I can see why Susan likes them. I like them too! Not sure if it's the glaze or the clay...I like that they seem to have some texture, some tooth to them and the shapes invite being held and touched.

Roberta said...

I love the pattern as well. They are so "alive"

martha brown said...

These are fabulous! Wish I lived closer :) Then Susan and I could duke it out over some, lol. I like the ones with eyes best :)