Sunday, January 5, 2014

Really Flummoxed

We were at The Metropolitan Museum at Thanksgiving. Everytime we go there we spend time wandering around into different areas that we don't plan on. This time it was the Hall of Armor that was a surprise. What the heck were they thinking when they put that doodad on his guy-parts? How in the heck is he going to get on a horse with that? OK, I definitely understand protecting the guy-parts but what the....?

These guys (from Germany, in 1525) look like they could be coming from the future instead of the past. Way cool.

We saw a Balthus exhibit - the guy was a little weird with the girls and cats so I wonder if he got all his fame from his subject matter rather than his painting skills. We also wandered through a textile exhibit where we learned enough history to make our heads explode.

As for my art, here is a rerun of what I was previously starting to paint (very small canvases):

 And here is what I wound up with, all sold at our Student Art sale:

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