Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Egg Came First

I'm a pretty decent cook and hard-boiled eggs are a snap to make. We like to always have some in the refrigerator for last minute egg-salad sandwiches or when we are hungry but in a hurry to go somewhere. Can't say no to protein!  We've learned the hard way to not only keep them in a separate bowl in the refrigerator but to also mark on them. Otherwise, it makes for an interest episode when two people are working in the kitchen and one will be using hard-boiled eggs to make egg-salad but the other is going to make scrambled eggs with the regular eggs and they both have put their eggs on the counter and the one using the hard-boiled eggs always cracks the egg by slapping it on the counter.... you get the picture.

Susan just grabs a pencil and scribbles a mark on the egg. This question will be on the final exam:
In the picture above, identify which eggs have been marked by Susan
 and which eggs have been marked by Don. 
These aren't eggs, these are giant acorns, about the size of a tennis ball. Their stems could have been a little thinner and maybe their caps a little shorter but I'm liking them. They are going to get some color added with a paint wash. For a long time I've fought using paint on my ceramic pieces -- they are supposed to be glazed! But I'm beginning to realize that I can do anything I want -- My art, My rules.  Robert Rauschenberg can put quilts on his paintings, I can put paint on my ceramic sculptures.


Nan G said...

Oh the eggs are so cute! Who could crack them?! Susan's with the single light pencil mark (top). Love the one that looks like a ram! Interesting giant acorns. Look forward to seeing them 'painted'. Go for it!

ArtPropelled said...

I'm liking these a lot!The zoom application on Robert Rauschenberg's "Bed" is awesome too.