Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Martha's Stars

I'm lucky enough to have Martha as a friend. More than a year ago she gave me some little metal? aluminum? stars. I've started finding a way to use them. Above is Kupka and below is Yoyab. Where do their names come from? The same planet they come from.

Yoyab is actually a lot happier than he looks. Honest.


Nan G said...

Ah yes fishing the sky for stars. ;) They must miss their planet. :)

martha brown said...

I love this fishing for the stars idea! And yep, they're aluminum -- I used to have a business making aluminum picture frames and ornaments :)

Cally said...

These are fantastic characters and I love the names of their planets. Thanks to your Kupka, I now (through Google) know about the works of FrantiĊĦek Kupka - definitely a worthwhile search! I also love that you leave the creations you're not so happy with out for someone to find and give a home to. If I'm ever in Texas, I'll definitely check your blog for any possible take-aways!