Thursday, April 24, 2014

New York City, Part 2

So not my art! This is a piece by Seth Apter, an extremely generous, skillful and prolific artist. We are twin brothers, we are quite sure, separated at birth but linked by karma. He got all the talent but I got more hair. [Susan speaks: As if.] We were lucky enough to see him at ArtExpo, surrounded by other artists, none of whom had a better booth or better art.

Seth with adoring groupies:

Actually, some of the art we saw was interesting and we talked to lots of artists, all of them probably hoping we'd buy something.  A few years ago we had to make a monetary choice in our life: Plan A)  Buy art or, Plan B) go see art.  And, after having to downsize drastically, we definitely have to continue to stick with  Plan B because we've run out of wall and shelf space for .

David Adshade did interesting stuff with rust.
Michelle Williams painted on metal and had a interesting way of mounting the pieces.
Ricky Havens is an artist who spends long hours putting his soul into his art.  We had fun visiting with them and I can't believe his wife would be wearing these shoes all day.  How do you women do that? 
 Finally, just so you (Seth, are you paying attention?) won't think I'm not back at work....
The larger one is about 2" long, the smaller ones less than 1" long.


ArtPropelled said...

Well, you're certainly not short on talent Don but I'll leave the hair comments to Susan. I love that first piece of Seth's.

Seth said...

LOL. Great post. And so great seeing the Fully Flummoxed crew at the Artexpo. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Always fun to see you and Susan. those birds!!!