Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What NOT To Do, Version 2

First, you don't make the bird so big it looks like quail on steroids. It should fit nicely in your hand and not feel like a boat anchor. Second, you don't put dried clay shards in the wing area thinking it will look like nice texture. Birds do not think that is a nice look. Third, you don't overdo the raku.

The bad news is that the perfect examples of poor work have to leave home. The good news is that they become Give-Aways. I like to think that eventually someone will find my Give-Aways and be absolutely thrilled. I don't like to think that someone will find one and say "What the  %$#@  was he thinking?!?"

From a distance -- he's in the tree bump in a nearby cemetery.


Nan G said...

You find the best places for your give away placements. :)

ArtPropelled said...

Well, I think your heavy bird is gorgeous! I love the texture on the wing."What you think is awful is often perceived as wonderful by others".... according to my husband.