Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Armed and Ready

I got in big trouble over these little arms, about 2" long. Susan painted them for me with Golden's gold and stainless steel paint. And then I went and sold them at our student art sale. Oops! She liked them and wanted me to keep them. I told her I'd make some more and got her typical response: "Oh, sure, I've heard that promise before." In my defense.... well, I have no defense.

She also painted this little squash for me - alcohol inks on the bottom and acrylic on the top with gold dots. It sold late in the day at the sale, which surprised me because I thought it was a pretty good piece.  I used to be hesitant to paint clay pieces (already bisque fired) because I thought everything had to be glazed or it wasn't "real". She's found numerous examples in books and in museums that list "paint" as one of the materials on a contemporary ceramic piece so I've finally gotten over that hangup. It seems that the Old Rules are fading away in favor of just making a piece look the way you want, regardless of the materials or style.

I did set this piece aside for Susan, as I thought it was the best of the three "fantasy" birds I made. The other two I sold at the sale. They are all about 3-4" high.

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Seth said...

Love all the different directions you (and Susan) are taking the creativity!