Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breaking News

My Blog Wrangler is, as usual, whining about the fact that I never do any of the work on the blog, never tell her what to say unless she pries it out of me, and never give her any pictures to work with. Never? Never? Maybe.

So I'll give her a break from our travel reporting and show you two little Squash pods I made, and that have already, warm from the kiln, been sold. Below are two new birdies. I've been trying to capture the feel of a baby bird, as opposed to an adult bird, and think I've pretty much got it on this one.

We continue to be amused by the fact that the city (or the railroad) keeps trying to paint this graffiti "canvas" clean. The little PacMen have been repainted numerous times. In the background is a new apartment building going up in downtown, oblivious to the fact that we have just been awarded the distinction of being #4 in the nation on the "Worst Traffic" list.

1 comment:

Nan G said...

I think bridge needs the Pacmen looks so much better with them parading in there. Loved the little squashes. And yes, definitely a baby bird essence achieved!