Thursday, May 1, 2014

New York City, Part 3

I came eye-to-eye with art at The Metropolitan Museum.

We loved the Ink Art exhibit. It wasn't about tattoos, it was about the use of ink in art and images. This image was part of the promotion material about the exhibit but it was actually just a part of a series of photographs Zhang Huan took of his own face, Family Tree. "... his face ... a surface on which words, names, and stories connected to his cultural heritage are, literally, written."

There was a small exhibit of just three selected pairings of a painting and carpet, called "Carpets of the East in Paintings from the West". The paintings were 17th-century Dutch paintings and it opened our eyes to the fact that numerous other Dutch paintings we saw in other areas of the museum had carpets in them. This one small exhibit has now changed the way we look at Dutch paintings -- and that's why we keep going back to art museums, time and time again.  One person made the comment "Why do you have to go back? You've already seen everything, haven't you?" No, every museum puts up special exhibitions for short periods of time and that's what we look for.

We also look for things that are tucked away in corners and down halls, where few people wander. That's how we found this display case of blown-molded glass from 1810-1875.

And this beautiful silver pitcher from 1882.
Am I still working? Yes. Two pieces ready to be glazed.

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layers said...

NYC is my favorite city you are so lucky to go and see all that art. I would love to see art expo too. Am glad you are working on your pottery too.