Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New York City, Part 6

Let's wrap this up because 6 days days was too long for us in a big noisy city. And expensive! We finished with the American Museum of Natural History because I'm really interested in space (love watching Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson on Sunday nights) and they have the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater there. We saw the Dark Universe show(YouTube link here)  in the Space Theater and then looked at a lot of dead stuffed birds. That was supposed to help me with the shapes in my birds. Maybe.

We wandered through the Poison exhibit. The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland was all about poison - hatters went mad because they were exposed to chemical poisons when making hats. Susan really liked the exhibit (which made me a little nervous) but the best part about it was that we were practically the only ones in there and it was quiet. You had to pay extra to see it so I guess most people didn't bother. Or maybe it's because most people in that museum were children yelling and screaming. Why is it that kids have to scream when they see dinosaur bones? Or any kind of bones?

We finished with Mysteries of the Unseen World movie - there is an excellent trailer for it on YouTube (here). This is what the flea on your cat looks like, not that you really wanted to know:

The museum is interesting but creepy-antiquated and very, very user-unfriendly.

Friends we made on this day? On the C Line subway to the museum we talked to the teacher with 28 first-graders, all excited about going to the museum.  They were from a charter school and were incredibly well-behaved (but probably screamed when they saw the dinosaur). In the line for the Dark Universe movie, Susan and the guy behind her discussed how you said the title "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in Hebrew and how mice behaved.

Real friends we saw here in New York City know who they are and we love that they can take time to be with us and we love the wide-ranging conversations we get into and we love that they can come to museums with us and not hover and we love knowing people who live in this city because they see their city in a different light than we do and we love that.

Leaving New York City and remembering the world's worst comb-over:

and a creative museum visitor:

Just so you don't think New York City has everything, here's Austin own Nekkid Guy. He rides his bike everywhere and he definitely personifies TMI.

FYI - ArtExpo will be April 16-19 in 2015. Look for Seth Apter there. Mark your calendar.

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