Friday, October 3, 2014

Give-Away Going Away

Do you see the little Sweater Child? The Lost Child? Look harder.

The next time a train rolls past you take a look and see if a little Sweater Child is traveling your way. When I ride my bike on Sundays I can ride right next to these tracks and often a train has stopped. I don't know why but it has. So one day I had a Sweater Child with me and ...WHOA! Is this not a major, super-inspired Give-Away?!?!
I've been warned not to glue them down because that might get me in trouble with the roving Train Police (huh?) so the best suggestion from my instructor/buddy, Ben Appl, has been to glue a little rare-earth magnet to the back edge of them and then stick them on the train. I'm off to Home Depot this weekend to get some magnets.



Roberta said...

We don't have trains like that where I live. Only commuter rails. Not the same thing. But when I lived in upstate NY we lived right across the street from the freight train tracks. The whole house shook multiple times a day. There IS something about the freight train that is jarring, besides the thunderous sounds I mean. The small sweaters really lead the imagination. So interesting.

Seth said...

What an adventure this is going to be. Hope he sends you a postcard!