Friday, October 2, 2015

I Draw, I Watercolor, She Sleeps

I've been reading Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory.  He was a speaker at ArtUnraveled in August and his talk sort of motivated me to ... well, read his book instead of making art before breakfast. No, actually, he was very interesting and I like it when I hear a guy talking about drawing and mixed media because usually it's women who predominate at the art events I go to.

Anyway, the other night Susan was already asleep when I was reading Danny's book. We drastically downsized a few years ago and the most comfortable chair for reading is in the bedroom. That's where my pillow, Pinky, comes into play as an eyeshade for her. Instead of Art Before Breakfast I made Art before Bedtime.

This is a little "fantasy figure" I made, he's about 3 inches high.  I was trying out different stamps and glazes and I sort of like him.

But this guy is a loser. He'll wind up being a Give-Away or maybe take a train ride.

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Nan G said...

Your drawing gave me a chuckle. The brown bird is cool. And the Loser, well, isn't a loser. He's a disheveled birdie. Got his feathers all in a tizzy he does. :)