Friday, October 16, 2015

Train Power!

First it was Train Children.  Then it was Train Flowers. Now it's Train Toys!

They get some minor surgery to insert a long cable tie halfway through their middle so they can be fastened on the train.  No, the train isn't moving when they hitch their ride.  There is a stopping area not too far from where we live and if I'm lucky there might be a train there on the weekend.

Susan just shakes her head and mutters strange things when I come home on Saturdays with a bag full of stuff.  The best toys come from garage sales I find while riding my bike.  At one sale I saw a few and asked the little boy standing there with his mother if he had any more.  He ran back inside and came back with a whole bunch of them.  Of course I bargained the price down but I think his mother was glad to get rid of them.

There are still Train Children.

When I ride my bike now I'm prepared with flowers, toys and Train Children -- just in case a train is sitting.  If you ever see a train, look for them.  Susan yells at me to not look at them if we see them while driving.  She knows that if I ever actually see anything I had put on a train I'd probably wreck the car.

I'm still making birds.

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