Saturday, September 10, 2016


The Blog Wrangler speaks:
Life is never simple.  I loved Picasa Web. It was simple. It was easy. It went away.  I hated that.  I finally had to suck it up and throw these pictures into some other Google thing I have to figure out.  I hate that IE, which I've used for a zillion years is cranky so I have to use Chrome just to read the daily newspaper.  And Twitter?  Won't let me log in via IE so I have to go to Chrome.  Don't you nerdy people dare tell me other browsers are great, I hate having load one more program onto my desktop.  (But I love the Hanx Writer app on my phone.)
Pop-up ads?  EVERYWHERE.  No, I don't want your coupon, I just want to look at your website.  No, I don't want to evaluate my "experience" on your website - If you want my opinion, pay me for it!
You can tell I'm really cranky about all this.  Yep, and not only am I  cranky, for months now I quit looking at stuff, lots of stuff, lots of blogs, lots of websites.  Okay, I'm getting over it.  But I'm not making any promises. 
What about Don?  Not ONCE did he ever ask me when I was going to update his blog.  He is a wise man and preferred to keep his head (and his junk) attached.
Enough about me. Don has been making lots of little guys.  And birds. He gets his head into a Zen Zone and makes lots of dots on things. 

What have we been doing for the past spring/summer months, besides, on my cranky part, whining a lot? We took a 4,500 mile road trip to the east coast and over to Ohio.  We took another trip to Kansas City, which we liked - lots of art to see there.  We are in the process of redesigning my studio area which is a little hard to do in a small apartment.  I say its like redecorating inside a submarine because no matter what you do there won't be anymore square footage. We went to Phoenix last month for ArtUnraveled and right now Don is at AdornMe in Houston.

This post took me about a hour to do.  I had to figure out the picture deal, then had find the Blogger password and then figure out what the heck I used to do to get anything going.  I need a nap now.

Late edit:  A title! Dang-it, I knew I'd forgotten something.

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azcrazy said...

Nice job...I've missed your posts!