Friday, November 18, 2016


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  Well, not actually diamonds.  How can we afford to travel around like we do?  I was lucky enough to marry a woman who did not want a diamond so her wedding band cost me only $12.50. And best of all, she hates to shop for clothes and shoes!  Of course we do have a gazillion books in the house and her Amazon wishlist has over 90 books on it, all of which she has marked as "Highest Priority" in anticipation of the holiday season.

Lucy is about 9" high. She's looking out for you.

Here's another movie recommendation:  A Perfect Day.  Benicio Del Toro and Tim Robbins.  5 stars.


Nan G said...

Hello Lucy! Ahh, a woman after my own heart.

martha brown said...

I was just laughing at my own Amazon wishlist that has dozens of books marked 'highest". And more annoying? Ray looks at my wishlist and purposely doesn't get me one of those books! He wants to get me a surprise!I can't win :)Miss you two. Hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving.