Monday, December 26, 2016

Esther Williams!

Susan speaks:  Isn't Esther the best Christmas present ever?!?!  Don made her for me because I taught him how to swim.  She's about 12 inches high and her arms move because he's fastened them on with buttons.

She's wearing my Lands' End Tugless Tank suit (plain black, plain lining) and my Speedo Hydrospex Classic swim goggles and my TYR swim cap (lots of brand names there and no, I don't get any money by mentioning them).  Only difference is that I go barefoot to the pool but he's on a kick of making different kinds of feet so Esther got flipflops.

Here at our retirement community ("Geezer Village") we have an indoor pool, 3 floors down, 2 hallways over.  We have learned that if we get to the pool by 5:00 a.m. or so we are the only ones there.  We turn off the overhead lights and swim in our private pool, dimly lit as though it's a moonlit pond. Getting up that early 3 times a week isn't great but having the pool all to ourselves is a treat.  

Don really knew how to swim, sort of, if you call thrashing around in the pool like a wounded whale "swimming". I would watch him do a lap and then tell him what he might try differently to be smoother and he'd do it and now he's really good. I'm not the best swimmer myself but I had lessons as a kid and got a few lessons when I started swimming again about 10 years ago.  That was at the local Y, and having to share lanes and circle-swim wasn't my favorite way of swimming but I did it.  Now the two of us have a whole pool to ourselves.  Bliss.

Hope you all are having a Happy Holiday season, whatever your chosen holiday is.


Diane O. said...

My only critique is the choice of swim suits. I find the tugless tanks to be overpriced and wear out too quickly. I switched to Krinkle, a chlorine resistant suit that is cheaper and with Amazon prime shipping is free. No cool patterns, just solids but heck your just doing laps.

Hope you to had a great Christmas.

Nan G said...

Esther is a treat! If I could have the pool all to myself I'd be up that early too. And I don't swim! Enjoy! Happy New Year to you and Don! Hugs

martha brown said...

I love Esther! Did you know, that up until about 10 years ago, I was a lifeguard and a swimming instructor? There is a pool at my current school ( I try to swim twice a week)-- and my class gets to swim weekly, and I usually get in with them. You are so lucky to be able to have your private, relaxing swim! I miss you both :) Here's to a wonderful 2017! Maybe I will see you this year!