Saturday, December 10, 2016

More Members of the Juice Box Family

The Juice Box Family is expanding.  This is Hector.
Say Hello to Ralph.  I'm trying different ways to attach moveable arms, these are attached with buttons.  Soon I'll make some clay buttons, right now I just raided Susan's button box.  For the record, spellcheck doesn't like the word "moveable" but there are times when I think things look rightable and they'll darn well stay that way.  Ignoring of course, the typos and missssspellings.

Leonardo is looking out for you.
And Lucy, who you've seen before, is always having to track after her brothers. Everyone is about 6" high.

1 comment:

Nan G said...

These guys and gal are just so cool! Happy Holidays to you and Susan, Don.