Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ixion, Tin Man

Were you wondering about those doll heads (and their arms and their legs)?

I made Ixion, my Tin Man, in Thomas Ashman's class. Susan decided he needed a turban. I like his arms the best.

Susan speaks: At the store he poked at the doll's heads, pulled up their dresses and checked in their bloomers to see how the legs were joined, and pulled at their hair to see where it would come off. I pretended I wasn't with him. At home he undressed them (baby doll clothes going to Goodwill), pulled their hair off and ripped off their arms and legs, all in the name of art. After he took the butane torch to this doll's eyes ("I had to get rid of those eyelashes!") I told him to be sure he kept the garage door closed. No sense in having the neighbors thinking he's really weird.


Sherry Goodloe said...

That turban is a nice touch. Love this doll you have created Don!

Diane O. said...

Sort of looks like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Old but young.

Robyn said...

Susan, I had hysterical laughter bubbling in my chest while reading your remark. I would have felt the same way about disowning him at the store and keeping the garage door closed.

On the other hand...Don, you've created a fine piece of art here.

By the way I was presented with a cake tin filled with porcelain dolls arms and legs. Not quite sure how I'm going to use them but the cogs are turning.

Lost Aussie said...

He's just as weird as the rest of us...never fear!

Anonymous said...

its 104 degrees out there - get that bleeping hat off!


Don Madden said...

j -
No way. why not?
a one (two?) word answer: