Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wozniak, Toyota, Cruise Control, and A Recall

Susan feels vindicated to some extent, as she has found out Steve Wozniak, one of Apple's founders, also found problems with the cruise control and unexpected acceleration in his Toyota. And he wasn't able to get through to Toyota either. Of course, now that he's gone public with the problem, the Toyota engineers have called him. Susan couldn't even get the local Toyota service department to admit there had been a recall! The puzzling thing is that Toyota continues to talk about faulty gas pedals ... but if you have it on cruise control you aren't touching the gas pedal!

Anyway, using cruise control in her car isn't an option anymore and we've never had the problem any other time. Oh, and her car doesn't have floor mats. Our gut level feeling on this is that Toyota really doesn't know what the hell the problem is and they're in for a long, hard battle. Especially since they are not making an effort to publish a phone number or an email address so that you can report to them your odd problems that aren't included in the recall (yet). Many blogs are full of anecdotal accounts of lots of Toyota problems in models not included in the current recall (yet). If their engineers just did some Google research they'd find them.

So how does this relate to my art? The teapot above is my own recall. It originally was going to be a figure but that didn't work so I whacked off his head and saw that the shape left was interesting. I'm not a teapot kind of guy but I gave it a try and really liked the handle treatment I gave it. And it actually holds water without leaking. But the glaze sucks. I didn't apply it right and the color I thought would be redder turned out to be baby-shit brown. As for my recalls, they either go in the trash or into the garden. And how does this relate to Toyota? At least I admit my problems immediately.


ArtPropelled said...

Amazing teapot, Don!

Anonymous said...

Remember, some family members actually like teapots, so please be sure and recycle recalls to the correct location!! :o)
Your S-I-L