Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Nowhere Fast

The Blog Wrangler speaks:
This is a clock I gave Don many years ago. It works but the ticking and the chiming ruin his afternoon naps so he doesn't often wind it. It stands about 24" high.

So why are you seeing this picture instead of the pictures from our recent trip to Washington DC? Or some of his work? Or the pictures he took in Greune? Or anything reasonably current in the blog? Because, instead of downloading pictures or typing up what he wants on the blog, I've had to spend the whole freaking morning trapped at my desk dealing with Maintenance and Logistics:

1. Called the colonoscopy doctor. Yep, it's time again.
2. Called Health Insurance company. Glad we have some.
3. Called the physical therapy office about the bill.
4. Called Health Insurer, they paid the claim wrong.
5. Called the Doctor, to pay the bill.
6. Called the radiology clinic to pay the bill.
7. Called The Wall Street Journal (4th call in 4 days) to renew the subscription. They keep screwing it up.
8. Found a card, wrote the note and sent off with the money order to gift the newpaper guy, who always delivers neatly to the middle of the driveway.
9. Called The Wall Street Journal, the online record is still wrong.
10. Found and addressed birthday cards for my brother and sister-in-law. Locating stamps will be another day.
11. Called the Health Insurer, the latest claim online is wrong.
12. Called the haircut salon, rescheduled haircut, he's cutting it too short again so I'll just save money by pushing the date farther out.
13.  Janis called - Yes! finally a phone call that doesn't involve "Press 2 if you want....". Thank you, thank you, Janis, for willing to be on alert as Plan B.
12. Out of printer paper and can't find more.
13. Running Time-Warner internet speed tests. No reason why it has to be as slow as dial-up.
14. Found some paper and have printed 17 pages to submit for health insurance reimbursement.
15. Looked at the list I'm typing so I can complain to Don when he calls in. Noticed the numbering is off. Well, just pile it on me!
16. Symantec calling for the 6th time to see if I've resolved my product problem. No, for the 6th time, it's a problem with my account. Actually, the 4th call shouldn't count because they didn't speak English well enough for me to understand so I hung up on them. It would be great customer service if they understood my English.  In case you are interested, it's the middle of the night in Mumbai but they expect sunshine.
17. Don - Calling in to see if I'm enjoying my quiet morning at home.

#$%^ %$@#* % &^%* #%@ &!)*^^+?!!!!!!!!!!!


Seth said...

Well....I can see why you wrote '#$%^ %$@#* % &^%* #%@ &!)*^^+?!!!!!!!!!!!'

ArtPropelled said...

I'm feeling quite dizzy. Now it's time for a quiet day at home! (oh and unplug the phone ..... or bury it benieth eiderdown)