Friday, September 4, 2015

Lost Childhood

REUTERS/Nilufer Demir/DHA
What a strange, sad world we live in today.  Several years ago I made little Sweater Children and Seth Apter featured them in a book he wrote.  Go back here to see the story about them because now this child has come full circle.

Recently my Sweater Children have become Train Children.  Go back here (and below) to see some of my Train Children.

I'll keep putting my children on trains when I can, hoping we don't have to see any more sad children like this on the evening news.

Children sit on the steps of the main train station ...
Christof Stachel/AFP


Seth said...

This image is so sad...and so very powerful. It seems to have moved the world. And brings me right to your sweater children and the story behind them. I still feel honored that they were included in my book.

Anonymous said...

Strange, sad world... so true. Your sweater children are an important reminder of their plight in this mess.

War is not healthy for children and other living matter where it is.