Friday, November 28, 2008

Here is Austin

I took an early morning bike ride but not any earlier than this guy on the lake. It isn't really a lake, it's a river that is dam-ed (?) up both west and east of Austin. It used to be called Town Lake but now it's been renamed Lady Bird Lake. A lot of people row and kayak on the lake and in the spring a number of colleges have rowing competitions here.

Barton Creek runs behind my house, feeds through Barton Springs and on into the Lake. This is a shot from the main bridge spanning the creek and heading to the Lake.

People who don't live in Austin say they like to live up north because "there are season changes." OK, we have season changes -- here's proof. It's just that our Fall season arrives unexpectedly, lasts 5 days and then disappears. But when it's here we do have beautiful colors.

Yes, there will be more New York City pictures but not many. Susan's camera is working but is a bit wounded so it didn't get much use.


bindu said...

Don - my recent post is about the lake and fall pictures as well! We live near the Barton Creek greenbelt too ... :)

Robyn said...

Great photograph of the lone canoeist.